If only novelty could last forever. Too bad it has the life expectancy of a fly and not a turtle. Why isn’t there a prescription drug to prevent the death of novelty? I’ll be halfway out the door when I find out it exists. Instead of “There’s an app for that.” it should be “There’s a pill for that.” Then I could take it and be passionate about something forever, never losing my drive. By the time I reach the end of the driveway of novelty the drive is over—how frustrating. Perhaps that’s why it’s best to constantly try new things until you find that one thing or person (or if you’re superlatively lucky and find a handful) who impacts your life every day. When that happens, don’t let it go to shit. Embrace it, nurture it until you die of natural causes, because it or they will sustain you for that long. Don’t give up. Don’t give up on them. They’re counting on you to find them one day and love them forever. 
Until that novelty sustenance pill is invented, you can rejuvenate some of the long lost love – long, long after the novelty has worn off – by sharing your passion, interest, knowledge, or ideas (or spouse?) with others. Try it. It’s the bee’s knees to relive novelty through others. Trade your drugs in for friends. Bring them to your level of magical wonder and witness newfound excitement over the things that are now normal and everyday a part of you, things pretending to be nothing special in the veiled company of super specialness. Unveil the splendor. You’ve just lost sight of all that specialness temporarily. Blame the lapse on the choking clutch of monotony. If you’re not careful, monotony will rear its ugly head and swallow you whole faster than you can say, “Watch out!”
Be ever vigilant, but also be ever on the lookout for new friends, especially if your current ones aren’t so receptive to your interests. Say hi to strangers who catch your eye, don’t introduce yourself (ideally they’d introduce themselves first after establishing a connection, which would mean they like you, so withhold that introduction), play conversational tennis until they segue into your bit of expertise, and let the good times roll. Or start a blog, or make a video and share yourself with the globe. Screw pills. Pills are—pills.
It’s not there’s a pill for that, it’s there are friends for that. And if you have a cool family, yeah, they’re there, too, waiting on the sidelines whenever you need them, particularly at the most inopportune moments. Tom Ford says “the most important things in life are your connections to other people.” Indubitably. This point is made especially clear in his movie, A Single Man, which just so happens to be one of my favorites. It’s Mr. Ford’s can’t-miss “mid-life crisis on screen.” 
The Style Linguist


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